Do you ship across the United States
- Yes, all 50 states!

Grad Caps

Can you do my cap by this week?
- Unfortunately, I have a 3-4 minimum turn around time.

How do I attach the topper to my cap?
- All toppers come with double sided adhesive on the back for easy application. 

Can you do a design by another artist?
- Yes, but I do ask permission from the original artist & there is no guarantee they will say yes. Please have alternate options or details. 

What size is the topper?
- Each is a 9.5"x9.5" standard size with a .75 inch hole in the middle for tassel button.

When should I recieve my cap?
- With First Class shipping, expect it to arrive in 7-10 buisness days from ship date.

Do I need to send my actual graduation cap?
- No actually. I will send you your topper with double sided adhesive for easy self-application. 

Can I cancel my order?
- Yes, but at the point after your consultation and deposit is paid, the deposit is non-refundable.

Do you do custom work?

-Yes, depending on what the item is. I will be glad to receive inquires. 

Do you do wholesale orders? 
- Yes I do. Please email to inquire about the Wholesale Agreement. 


Still have questions? 

- Click Contact at the bottom of the menu to send an email.